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The Depozitory

An old chapel restored for the local community

The Depozitory as is known today was the old wesleyan chapel of the northern circuit of isle of wight wesleyan movement during the 19th century. In the section of "History of The Depozitory" we've highlighted the past history about the building itself which witnessed a lot of prayers, weddings and celebrations by the church goers.

After it was de-consecrated and turned into a warehouse by the end of the first world war, it's importance in the local community was diminished and by the late 1980/90s it was at the verge of being converted to a multiple flat residential property.

The building is now restored and we aim to put it back into community use, as it was 150 years ago, such that local talents and artists once more, can enjoy the benefits of working in a building of historic importance & beauty.

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